Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Amy Casey

I love looking old houses and barns but I have never made any art with this love. Therefore I love these and they inspire me to have a second thought.

I also have been wanting do make something that does not involve meticulous cutting, drawing or painting. Since my studio is still drying out from a bit of flooding I decided to start sewing. I have been scrapping together, a bit like Gees Bends, and I hope it leads somewhere. Here is an old piece I did for an application at Anthropologie's visual department. The idea was to recycle and use low budget materials. It is very decorative but I miss making them. With all this sewing, maps, and folk artchitecture I hope a fusion is in the near future. Time is the challenge.

If you cannot tell from the picture, they are baskects I covered with old cable-knit sweaters and flannels. I weaved and french-braided some.