Thursday, October 22, 2009


Design*Sponge turned me on to Henrique Oliveira, who uses wood peelings for his sculptures and installations.

Picture 153

Speaking of wood scraps, I have a friend that makes jewelry out of wood that are really inspirational. You can find Moorea Seal's work on

Scoop Necklace

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  1. oh thank you for the shout out about my jewelry! I still need to meet up with you and do a trade!
    I am going away from today till next Sunday. But the good news is that I have new jewelry that you can peruse too once we meet up. Did you see the giveaway I have posted on my blog? If you like that necklace, I can make you a custom one that could be exchanged for one of your pieces! (I'm really excited to have a little something of yours to keep for my whole life.)